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6 Wildlife Wonders to Look for Along Maui's Beaches October 14, 2019

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
6 Wildlife Wonders to Look for Along Maui's Beaches, Kahului, Hawaii

The scenic wonders of Maui’s span over 120 coastal miles from Ho’okipa Beach to La Perouse Bay. A must-see part of all Hawaii tours, driving around Maui showcases ocean grandeur, emerald cliffs, bamboo forests, and misty waterfalls. The greatest wonder is the wildlife you may see along the way. Here are a few creatures you may spot during an excursion.

6 Animals You Can Find on Maui

1. Spinner Dolphins

These small, dark-gray dolphins are named for their joyful, spinning leaps out of the water. Traveling in large social groups called pods, they’re easy to spot while they swim and play in the warm waters off the coastal highway. Look for their narrow beaks and distinctive, light-striped flanks to know it’s a spinner.

2. Nene Geese 

These knee-high birds look like a cross between a duck and swan. You’ll likely spot them waddling across rolling greenery at golf courses and in parklands. Both elegant and comical, this honking avian is the state bird and the rarest goose in the world. With only about 2,000 animals surviving, be sure to give them their space.

3. Green Sea Turtles

hawaii toursAlso known as honu in Hawaiian, this marine animal grazes on seaweed and basks on beaches around Maui. Flaunting a smooth shell that’s usually brown or gray, you may wonder how the green sea turtle gets its name. The creature gets its name from its green body, which has an olive hue. Although they’re intriguing, don’t get too close—honu are shy and endangered.

4. Mongooses

Check out sugar cane outcroppings to catch a mongoose romping among the stalks. This small, brown-furred cousin of the ferret was originally imported by British settlers in the early 19th century to control the island’s rat population. The experiment failed, but the mongoose has thrived.

5. Humpback Whales

Known locally as kohola, regal humpback whales visit Maui from January to April and are easy to spot when they’re near the surface. Their majestic size, spouts, and breaches make them thrilling scene-stealers on many Hawaii tours. They’re easiest to see during migrations, so catch them in the Hawaiian waters before they head out in the summer to their seasonal feeding grounds.

6. Hawaiian Monk Seals

The monk seal is among the rarest of wildlife sightings. Scientists estimate there may only be around 1,100 remaining, so it’s extremely special to see one of these charmers sprawled on the beach or playing offshore. Officials cordon off areas where monk seals lounge to make sure they remain safe and undisturbed.


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