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What to See & Do on the Lower East Side December 6, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What to See & Do on the Lower East Side, Brooklyn, New York

There’s no shortage of activities to do and sites to see when visiting New York, particularly Manhattan’s Lower East Side (LES). In fact, there are so many experiences to have that it may be difficult to decide exactly what to do. However, there are a few key elements of Manhattan life that you shouldn’t miss out on, so hop in a car service and check out these spectacular New York attractions. 

Where to Stop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side 

1. Try NYC’s Food & Drinks 

One of the most well-loved features of New York’s Lower East Side is the variety of foods and bars. From over-the-top donuts at Doughnut Plant® to the iconic Katz Delicatessen®, there’s no shortage of food to try. If you’re looking for a unique atmosphere and an interesting spread of cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else, dip into Hotel Chantelle®. Hop in a car service after a few drinks for some LES bar-hopping fun. 

2. See the Art Scene 

car serviceMuseums dot every other block on the Lower East Side. Take advantage of the amazing installations by visiting a museum or two during your visit. Galleries like Ramiken Crucible® showcase a variety of mediums and styles, so you’ll be sure to find something interesting. Another way to experience the NYC art scene is to simply walk or take a car service through the streets, as Manhattan’s street art culture is vibrant and exciting. 

3. Listen to Live Music 

If you’re looking for something to do, give one of the many local and visiting musicians a listen. There are many bars, restaurants, and other venues that incorporate live music into their schedule; additionally, there are still plenty of places in lower Manhattan that specialize solely in music. One location worth visiting is Rockwood Music Hall, a three-stage venue loved by New Yorkers and tourists alike. 


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