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3 Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Yard October 14, 2019

Newburgh, Orange
3 Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Yard, Newburgh, New York

Your yard has a major impact on the rest of your home. It enhances its appearance and value. It's worth investing in landscaping design, including tree care and planting, to boost your home’s curb appeal. Below are a few reasons why planting greenery on your property is beneficial.

Why Invest in Tree Care & Planting

1. Keep the Home Comfortable

During the summer, any shade cast on your home will help it stay cooler, and healthy trees also naturally cool the area around them, soaking up the sun's rays. A shaded surface temperature can be up to 45 degrees lower than an unshaded spot. This cooling effect reduces the amount of work your air conditioner has to complete, using less electricity. In the winter, the bare branches won't cast shade, but the bulk of the trunk and branches will serve as a windbreak to minimize drafts and keep your home warm.

2. Increase the Home's Value

Tree CareIt takes years, or even decades, of dedicated tree care to grow a tree to its mature size. Because of this, a healthy, well-established tree is valuable and hard to replace. Homes with trees sold for 7% higher on average than similar houses without trees across numerous studies on housing prices. Also, homes with better curb appeal due to attractive front yard landscaping are likely to generate more interest with buyers.

3. Boost Your Health

Leafy plants filter out carbon monoxide and add oxygen to your environment. They also absorb a wide range of pollutants. You can breathe easier when there is a lot of plant life around. Meanwhile, having a tree in your yard makes it more inviting and will encourage you to spend more time outside, and its beauty will help you relax and relieve stress.



For expert tree care, homeowners turn to 4 Seasons Tree Service. Based in Newburgh, NY, and serving Orange County for over 20 years, they provide services from trimming to tree planting, including 24/7 emergency service to clean up any hazards on your property. To schedule a service, call (845) 565-8600 or visit them online.

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