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3 Tips for Preparing for a Doctor Appointment July 23, 2020

South Bronx, Bronx
3 Tips for Preparing for a Doctor Appointment , Bronx, New York

As people age, they may find themselves heading out to more doctor appointments than they once did. By being properly prepared and having reliable transportation services, you can get the most out of these visits. Here are a few more tips for preparing. 

A Senior’s Guide to Preparing for a Doctor Appointment 

1. Gather & Organize Health Information

The more prepared you are for the doctor, the more time in the appointment you can spend talking about relevant health issues rather than filling out more forms or going over old information. This is especially important if you see multiple physicians. Make a master copy of all medications, including supplements, taken regularly. Be sure to include dosage and frequency. Bring this list along with other relevant medical information. 

2. Have Copies of Test Results

transportation servicesDon’t assume that a new doctor or clinic will have access to lab tests or imaging results. Make sure to have copies of these items in a health file or that you have requested them to be sent to the new doctor. If you’ve been referred to a specialist because of test results, it’s important they have this information. Avoid wasting time rescheduling appointments by having all the info necessary to move forward.

3. Prepare a List of Questions

Doctor appointments can be stressful, and you might not remember all the questions you have. Write down any concerns, questions, or issues pertinent to the treatment you’ll be receiving. Bring along a notebook and pen to record information that might be forgotten later. 


Being prepared for doctor appointments will help them go smoothly. If you need a car service to get you there, call Metro Luxury. They serve the Bronx and all of NYC with professional transportation services. Their experienced and screened staff members are available to pick you up for doctor appointments, physical therapy, and cancer treatments. Wheelchair transportation is also available. They have over 25 years of experience. Call (718) 665-4900 to book a ride, or visit the website to learn more about their transportation services. 

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