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The Plumbing Experts at Culver Inc. Explain Sump Pump Basics September 15, 2015

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The Plumbing Experts at Culver Inc. Explain Sump Pump Basics, O'Fallon, Missouri

If you’ve ever called a plumber to have excess water in your basement removed, you probably heard about a device called a sump pump. But what it is, and what does it do? Can you install one if you don’t have it? What can you do to maintain it? The team of expert plumbers at Culver Inc. are here to explain sump pump basics.

What is a sump pump?

Simply put, a sump pump keeps your basement or crawlspace dry by removing water that accumulates in the water-collecting sump pump basin that you have in your home. And it sends the water to a more appropriate location, like a municipal storm drain.


Is it necessary for my home to have a sump pump?

Sump pumps are extremely useful in keeping your possessions and your home free from water damage. While it’s not mandatory that all homes have one, if you’re having trouble keeping your basement dry, it’s a good idea to install one. Sump pump installation is one of the services that Culver Inc. provides, and the installation won’t break the bank: the team at Culver Inc. prides itself on its reliable and affordable services.

What can I do to maintain my sump pump?

It’s important to have your sump pump tested on a regular basis, so you can ensure that it’s in good working order before the next big downpour. You can test it by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit. If your sump pit is in good shape, it should turn on and remove the water in a matter of seconds. Additionally, once a year, have the plumbers at Culver Inc. clean and inspect your sump pit.

How long does it last?

The general rule of thumb is to replace your sump pump every five to seven years. However, depending on how often you use it (or alternately, don’t use it) it could last longer. 

What are the warning signs of problem or break?

There are a couple of major warning signs you need to watch out for. If your sump pump is running continuously or has stopped working completely, or if there are wet areas inside your home, call a plumber and schedule an inspection immediately. A broken sump pump can result in messy and expensive water damage to your home, so don’t wait.


In addition to sump pump installation and repair, the plumbing professionals at Culver Inc. have over 25 years of experience and specialize in everything from emergency plumbing services to mobile home repair and water line repair. No matter what plumbing services you need or what time of day or night an emergency happens, you can always count on the team at Culver Inc. to fix any problem, big or small, with a smile. For more information, emergency assistance, or to schedule an appointment, visit their website or call (636) 441-7291 today.

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