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How Floor Machines Can Benefit Your Business October 9, 2019

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How Floor Machines Can Benefit Your Business, Honolulu, Hawaii

Floor machines are essential tools for cleaning commercial facilities, and they can polish and scrub almost any hard surface. Instead of using manual tools and intensive labor, these machines utilize electric power to wash floors thoroughly and quickly. If you’re responsible for maintaining your business’ cleanliness, here are a few reasons you should get this piece of equipment.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Floor Machine

1. Saves Time

Cleaning all of the floors in a large facility, like a mall or hospital, can be time-consuming, especially if you’re using mops and brooms. Instead of paying workers to spend hours cleaning, buy a floor machine so that they can quickly and easily finish the job. With less cleaning to do, your team can spend more time focusing on tasks that promote the business’ productivity.

2. Improves Safety

floor machinesSpills and dirt left on floors can increase the risk of slips and falls, so use a floor machine to clean messes before they become a hazard. If employees, clients, or customers get hurt on your property, your business can be liable for their injuries and face a potential loss of sales and productivity. Although you can’t control whether someone slips and falls, you can reduce the odds by keeping the floors clean.

3. Makes Cleaning Easier

Powered by electricity, the pad rotates quickly, handling a lot of the cleaning, eliminating the need to bend and scrub with force by hand. Since the machines are designed to be used standing, your team won’t experience the aches in their back and pains on the knees from manually cleaning the floor. Healthier and happier employees can lead to less turnover and higher morale.


If you want to get a floor machine for your business, contact Lamers Enterprise in Honolulu, HI. To ensure your team is equipped with all the cleaning equipment they need, these professionals also offer vacuums, shampooers, and disinfectants. View their janitorial products online, or call (808) 845-9365 to place an order.

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