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4 Common Dashboard Warning Lights October 10, 2019

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4 Common Dashboard Warning Lights, Newark, Ohio

Most modern automobiles have sensors and computers that check and double-check all of the car's systems, often several times per second. When the computer detects something amiss, it lets you know by illuminating a light on the dashboard. The oil, seatbelt, and check engine lights are some of the most familiar. To help you understand how your car is running, below are some of the vital car dashboard warning lights you should be aware of.

4 Important Dashboard Warning Lights

1. Battery

This rectangular-shaped light with plus and minus symbols represents the battery and its positive/negative terminals. When this lights up, it means the battery is not charging correctly. It could indicate a problem with the wiring, voltage regulator, alternator, or the battery itself. If you ignore it, the battery could die and fail to start the car.

2. Check Engine

Check engine light in Newark, OHThe check engine light could indicate something serious, like a bad ignition coil or another engine problem, or it could simply mean your gas cap is loose. Check the cap first to weed out any simple solutions, but if the light persists, take it to a professional.

3. Oil

The oil light, shaped like an old-fashioned lamp, indicates the fluid pressure is low. This could mean you're burning oil, or your system has a leak. In any case, it's essential to have it changed promptly to prevent engine damage or overheating.

4. Tire Pressure

This indicator is shaped vaguely like a U with an exclamation point inside it. It represents the end view of a car and indicates your tire pressure is low. This often illuminates after seasonal weather changes, because cold air contracts, leaving your tires in need of filling.


If your check engine light or another dash warning light has illuminated, contact Brown's Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair in Newark, OH, for a vehicle diagnostics check. They have served clients in and around Licking County since 1959 and have built close ties with the community. They also specialize in transmission repair, tire alignment, brake repair, oil changes, and other maintenance tasks. Visit their Facebook page to connect with them online or call (740) 522-4459 to make an appointment.

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