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4 Warning Signs of Thyroid Issues October 11, 2019

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4 Warning Signs of Thyroid Issues, Sanford, North Carolina

Your thyroid gland is situated in your neck and produces various hormones that affect bodily functions like metabolism, pulse, bowel movements, and menstrual cycles. Changes caused by thyroid dysfunction may be subtle and passed off as other health care issues. However, recognizing the symptoms can prevent complications of untreated thyroid issues, such as heart disease, nerve problems, and infertility. Below are four significant signs that you should have your health care provider examine your thyroid.

Common Signs of Thyroid Problems

1. Unexplained Weight Changes

Since your thyroid affects your metabolism, issues with the gland can cause unexplainable changes in your weight. Hyperthyroidism – where your thyroid is overactive – causes an excess of thyroxine in your body, leading to rapid metabolism and sudden weight loss. Hypothyroidism causes a deficiency of thyroxine, equaling a slower metabolism and weight gain. If you’ve noticed your weight fluctuating when your lifestyle hasn’t changed, get your thyroid checked before taking measures to manage your weight on your own.

2. Disturbances In Mood

health care Sanford, NCYour thyroid gland also affects the chemicals in your brain, leading to unbalanced or irregular moods. An overactive thyroid can cause feelings of irritability, being on edge, unusual nervousness, and trouble sleeping. Hypothyroidism, in contrast, causes weakness, lethargy, low moods, drowsiness, and excessive sleep.

3. Swelling & Skin Problems

Thyroid problems can increase inflammation and irritate the skin. Rashy, flaky, thin, or red skin that can’t be explained by other causes and is accompanied by symptoms of thyroid issues could signal a problem with the gland. Swelling in your joints, face, and neck may also indicate that your health care professional should test your thyroid function.

4. Temperature Intolerances

Abnormal sensitivity to heat and cold could signal thyroid troubles, as well. Your thyroid and related hormones contribute to your body’s ability to regulate its temperature, so when thyroxine levels are skewed, you’ll experience sensitivities to temperatures. Hyperthyroidism leads to an intolerance of high temperatures accompanied by excessive sweating. Hypothyroidism does the opposite, leaving you feeling cold, especially in your extremities.


Not all thyroid problems will cause symptoms, such as thyroid nodules, so be diligent about your well-being and get checked by a health care professional. The team at Carolina Doctors Med Care in Sanford, NC, offers thyroid screenings to their patients and will effectively treat and manage any underlying condition. Their comprehensive and compassionate team also provides diabetes management, a personalized weight loss program, lab testing, occupational physicals, and minor out-patient surgeries. Browse their team and the other services they offer online, and call (919) 774-3680 to arrange a consultation today.

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