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3 Reasons to Get Your Windows Cleaned When Selling Your House November 5, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Reasons to Get Your Windows Cleaned When Selling Your House, Manhattan, New York

Want to sell your home quickly? Hire a professional window cleaner. Though clean windows may seem like a small detail as you prepare your house for potential buyers, it’s a simple step that makes a big difference. Here are three ways clean windows help your home make a powerful first impression. 

Why You Should Sell a Home With Clean Windows

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Your windows account for a lot of the visible area of your home, particularly in the front. As people drive up to look at the house, the windows are likely one of the first things they’ll notice. The spotless look of a freshly cleaned window instantly gives visitors a positive impression. This little touch shows potential homebuyers that the details are important to you, giving them confidence that you’ve taken care of the home they’re considering purchasing. 

2. Increased Indoor Light

Window CleanerYou may not have even noticed how dirty your windows were until they are professionally cleaned. As dust and dirt accumulate you gradually get used to the layer of residue and the limited light that comes through. Clean windows allow more natural light in, making your space brighter and more spacious feeling. If your windows offer a view, window cleaning is essential to highlight and draw attention to this feature. 

3. Smoother Window Operation

The ledges and grooves in your windows can collect dirt, cobwebs, and even dead insects. Not only is this unappealing to look at; but it can also impact the window’s functionality. If windows aren’t opening and closing smoothly, it can send up red flags for potential homebuyers. It’s an easy fix, which is why you should take care of it before prospective homebuyers take a look at your home.  



Looking for a professional window cleaner to make your windows shine? Turn to Chelsea Window Cleaning in New York, NY. This family-owned window cleaning company prides itself on quality work and complete customer satisfaction. Learn more about them online or call (212) 598-5939 today to schedule a free estimate.

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