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3 Signs Of Suspension Problems October 10, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Signs Of Suspension Problems, Chillicothe, Ohio

With so many components making up your car’s suspension system, it is challenging to identify which part is causing unusual steering. If you have a hunch it's something underneath your vehicle, you should have a qualified suspension repair technician diagnose the problem. Driving with a damaged suspension can diminish the maneuverability, braking capability, and overall safety of your vehicle.

Signs Your Car’s Suspension Needs Servicing

1. Uneven Stance

If your car is sitting unevenly on level ground, you likely have at least one damaged spring. If you notice a sunken area, this means the damaged spring can no longer support the weight of your vehicle. An easy way to test your spring is by pushing down on the side of the car with the suspected damage. If you hear strange noises or if the spring has a hard time rebounding from your pushes, it's likely there is a break somewhere in your spring and shock absorption system.

2. Shaky Ride

If your vehicle is notably bumpy suspension repairduring normal driving and violently reacts when you drive over a bump, it is a sign your shocks or springs need replacing. Much like testing for a bad spring, you can test for a bad shock in the same manner. With your vehicle parked, push down on the front end of it. If the car bounces back and forth more than 3-4 times, you should take it in for suspension repair.

3. Unresponsive Steering

Of all the suspension problems, intermittent steering is arguably the most dangerous and concerning. If you find that steering your vehicle is different, or if your steering starts to “slip” when you turn one way or another, it could indicate that several of your power steering components need suspension repair. Take your vehicle in for inspection to avoid the chances of a car accident.


By paying attention to how your vehicle drives, you will continue having a fantastic sense of car ownership for many years. If you need any tire or suspension repair work in Chillicothe, OH, turn to the experts at Davis Tire. With a team committed to keeping your car running in pristine condition, you’ll find that they offer all the automotive repair services you need. To learn more, give them a call at (740) 774-3363 or visit them online for more information about their services.

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