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A Guide to Excavating, Trenching, and Grading October 25, 2019

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A Guide to Excavating, Trenching, and Grading, Bayfield, Wisconsin

With thousands of varieties of heavy machinery out there, many people wonder what the differences are among excavating, trenching, and land grading since the processes all involve digging in the dirt. Here’s why professionals use these construction methods and how they can help with your projects. 

1. Excavating

Excavating occurs anytime the surface of the ground is broken. You need them when you dig for swimming pools, home foundations, and basements, as well as before you install in-ground trampolines. Excavation involves carefully planning the dig, making benchmarks, and placing the loose soil in a safe space. 

2. Trenching 

excavatingTrenches are excavations since they involve digging streamlined paths into the ground. They are manmade depressions in the soil that are deeper than they are wide. Trenching is necessary when burying utility lines, installing plumbing, or taking care of other underground utility issues. 

3. Grading

Land grading involves moving earth or rocks from one part of the land and moving it to another place, largely to create a flat piece of land ideal for building homes, buildings, or other projects. Grading is also important to control water flow around a building. For instance, by grading the land with a slight slope away from a property line, you can keep water from pooling next to the home, preventing problems. 


Whether you are ready to break ground on a new construction project or you are thinking about fixing your existing land, the team at C & W Trucking in Bayfield, WI, is there to help. For over 50 years, this fully insured business has been helping homeowners with aspects like sand and gravel hauling, excavating, and trenching. To learn more about how they can assist you, visit their website or give their team a call at (715) 779­-5628.

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