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3 Creative Yardscaping Ideas for Small Lawns October 9, 2019

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3 Creative Yardscaping Ideas for Small Lawns, Ewa, Hawaii

A small lawn can seem like a limitation, but it actually has plenty of creative potential. Here are some yardscaping ideas to help you breathe life into your modest outdoor space.

3 Landscaping Ideas for a Small Yard

1. Go Vertical

If your yardscaping goal is to create a vibrant collection of plants, go vertical. Trees that widen and sprawl as they grow will take up space and make the area looked cramped. Opt for trees like Sky Pencils and columnar evergreens that grow tall and thin instead. If you have fencing, add fast-growing vines like honeysuckle and mandevilla to create height and improve privacy.

2. Layer & Stack

yardscapingCreate depth by planting thin, adjacent rows of plants. Start with taller perennials like chimney bellflowers against a fence. Add a row of dwarf evergreen shrubs in front, then a small flower bed. You can use mulch or pebbles for more layers. These small fenceline rows offer the illusion of more space. If you have a grade, level off areas with stone steps or walls and add potted plants for more height.

3. Create a Getaway

If you’re not big on gardening, turn your yard into an extension of your home with a small, functional area. Add framing with an arbor or pergola and lay down a small plot of natural stone or brick pavers. Cozy seating, a grill or firepit, and a few favorite plants will complete the outdoor nook.


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