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Everything You Need to Know About Radiant Floor Heating From The Experts at Republic Plumbing Supply February 10, 2014

Grafton, Worcester
Everything You Need to Know About Radiant Floor Heating From The Experts at Republic Plumbing Supply, Grafton, Massachusetts

Greater Boston has seen some nasty snow these past few months, and your comfort may have suffered from it. Have your feet gone numb because your bathroom floor is cold? Of course they have, and radiant floor heating is the answer! Home improvement company, Republic Plumbing Supply has the solution for incredible value and optimal benefit.

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating starts with electric wires or hot water tubes lined beneath your floors. Electric systems are easier and more affordable to install, which makes them great for bathrooms and smaller areas. But hot water (or “hydronic”) systems are less expensive to operate in the long-term, which is better if you're looking to heat your entire home. It’s best to consider both options depending on your spatial needs.

Radiant floor heating not only keeps your toes warm, but your whole body as well. Heat rises from the floor to ceiling, so that your home stays warm even on the coldest days and nights. This provides a major advantage over conventional forced-air heating systems, where the heat may never make it to the floor!

How Can You Install Radiant Floor Heating in Your Home?

Most people think that radiant floor heating is a quick fix to their heat issues. The truth is, once a floor is in place, it's hard to put in a radiant floor heating system. Installation is only feasible if you're gutting a room or building a new house. There are products such as radiant pads that you can install in the joists under your floor, but they require access from below and can be as difficult to install as a new radiant heating system.

When installing radiant floor heating, consider the material of your floor. Stone, concrete, and tile conduct and hold heat effectively, and can withstand high temperatures. Wood, vinyl, and plastic laminate floors have temperature limitations, so they are not ideal for radiant heating systems. And if you are in love with your carpet, you're out of luck. Carpet acts as an insulator that can keep heat from rising up.

If you're a Greater Boston resident looking to install a radiant heating system, Republic Plumbing Supply experts can help. Visit their home fixture showroom in Norwood, Framingham, Weymouth, Grafton or Pembroke to check out which radiant heating options will best serve your home improvement needs. Their highly-trained home improvement professionals will be able to answer all your questions.

For over 75 years, Republic Plumbing Supply has been serving the needs of the Greater Boston community with the highest quality home improvement products. To find out how they can help you complete your next project call (781) 762-3900.

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