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3 Reasons You Shouldn't Touch Your Face October 11, 2019

Kailua, Koolaupoko
3 Reasons You Shouldn't Touch Your Face, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Proper facial skin care entails cleansing, moisturizing, and keeping your hands to yourself. Touching your face may not seem like a big deal, but this bad habit can make existing skin issues worse while ruining your carefully-crafted makeup looks.

What Happens When You Touch Your Face

1. Transfer Germs

Your mobile device, keyboard, and mouse contain more bacteria than the average toilet. This bacteria is transferred to your face every time you touch it. Certain types of bacteria contribute to skin conditions and blemishes, while others cause colds and the flu. Although washing your hands frequently reduces the number of bacteria on your fingers, continue to try to touch your face less throughout the day.

2. Worsen Acne

skin careClogged pores play a significant in creating acne outbreaks. When you touch your face, you transfer dirt, oils, and other debris from your fingers and hands directly into your pores. The bacteria that causes acne can also be spread around your face when you touch it, causing outbreaks that wouldn’t usually occur.

3. Degrade Skin Elasticity

Your skin’s elasticity is what makes it look young, vibrant, and dewy. Over time, elasticity naturally wears down, and the process is quickened when you tug and pull on your skin. You can damage the elasticity every day if you use your fingers to put on makeup. Instead, apply your cosmetics with clean brushes and sponges.


If you have questions about your current skin care regimen, seek answers from the team at Kailua Dermatology Associates in Hawaii. These professionals help Oahu men and women maintain healthy skin by offering advanced treatments, like light therapy. They can effectively address and minimize the symptoms of eczema, adult acne, and psoriasis as well as remove warts and moles. To schedule an appointment, contact them online or call (808) 261-6133.

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