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3 Etiquette Tips for First-Time Visitors to New York City October 24, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Etiquette Tips for First-Time Visitors to New York City, Brooklyn, New York

New York City is an awe-inspiring spectacle, and first-time visitors can get overwhelmed by all the new sights and sounds. From towering skyscrapers to honking taxi cabs, New York City is a city like no other. To get the most out of your visit and to navigate the city like a pro, follow these essential etiquette tips.

A Guide to NYC Etiquette

1. Keep to the Right If You’re Walking Slower

It's easy to be bowled over by the frenetic energy of the city, but that's no excuse to stop or linger in the middle of the sidewalk. With the constant onslaught of rushing people, this could even be dangerous. If you want to walk slower, stick as far as possible to the right, interior side of the sidewalk. Also, don't keep your face buried in your phone while walking, even when looking for directions; this too could lead to a run-in with another pedestrian. Step aside, duck into a side street, or stop into a coffee shop to check your phone.

2. Be Mindful of Your Umbrella

taxiThe weather in New York City can change quickly. Pack a small, individual umbrella, check the weather forecast, and carry it with you on days when rain is predicted. Large umbrellas take up too much space in the tight confines of the city, and you'll likely end up poking passersby and taking up more room than you really need. Even with a travel umbrella, be mindful of how you carry and maneuver it. When you’re in a compact spot with a lot of people, raise the umbrella high overhead so as not to run into other umbrellas. Finally, only open it after fully emerging from buildings and taxis.

3. Exit Taxis on the Sidewalk Side

When taking a taxi or car service, always exit the vehicle on the side closest to the sidewalk. Not only will this keep you safe from the continual ambush of the city's traffic, but it will clearly show others that you are leaving the vehicle and it is now available. Before opening the sidewalk-side door, do a quick check to ensure there are no pedestrians or bicyclists in your path.


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