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3 Types of Septic Tanks & How They Differ October 9, 2019

Waimea, Hawaii
3 Types of Septic Tanks & How They Differ, Waimea, Hawaii

As a homeowner, understand what type of tank you have and how it operates so that you can perform optimum septic system maintenance. Since there are many options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one you have and how it differs from others. This guide will detail three common tank types used on the Big Island so that you can better inspect and treat the one you have at home.

3 Common Septic Tanks Used in Hawaii

1. Plastic

Some homeowners use plastic tanks because of their easy installation. Since these amenities are designed with lightweight materials, like polyethylene, they’re easy to maneuver, transport, and place in remote locations, making them ideal for those living on an island. These tanks are typically placed about three feet underground on the homeowner’s property. Septic system maintenance is also easy with this model because the material is resistant to issues, like corrosion or rusting, that require routine repairs or replacements.

2. Cement

septic tank maintenanceCement or concrete septic tanks are popular on the Big Island for their durability. The strong exterior makes these amenities nearly immune to harsh weather conditions, and they can last for decades with proper maintenance. Since the material is sturdy, it won’t be damaged while using heavy equipment, making it ideal for people who plan to do construction or landscaping on their property.

3. Steel

Although steel is a modern septic tank material, some older homes use these tanks. This material is the cheapest of all the options available, and it can last up to 25 years with routine maintenance. Without proper care, the tank can become corroded, causing leaks and spills.


No matter which type of septic tank you have, the professionals at ABC Cesspool and Septic Pumping in Kamuela, HI, have you covered. They’ve offered top-quality services since 2005, prioritizing customer care and attention to detail. Visit their website or call (808) 887-0766 to schedule a septic system maintenance appointment.

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