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3 Reasons Fall Is Ideal for Furnace Maintenance October 11, 2019

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3 Reasons Fall Is Ideal for Furnace Maintenance, Stonington, Connecticut

Autumn weather has been unseasonably warm in recent years, which means you might not think about the condition of the furnace until late fall or early winter. Even if it still feels like summer, now is the perfect time to have the heating system serviced. The earlier you book an appointment, the more time HVAC contractors will have to address your needs all at once.   

3 Perks of Having Your Furnace Serviced in Fall

1. Avoid Emergency Repairs

Without a service check, any issues with heating system performance last year will manifest this year, too. For example, a damaged pilot light and wiring could cause an unexpected breakdown. This means you’d have to find the funds for emergency repairs. To avoid the headaches that come with furnace failure, a technician will fix loose electrical connections, replace burners, and provide additional repairs to ensure dependable performance.    

2. Cut Down on Energy Costs

furnaceEven if the furnace seems to work fine, the slightest problems could be reflected in your monthly energy bills. When the filter is clogged, parts work harder to pass air through the system. This means equipment burns excess energy to perform basic functions. The same is true when metal components need to be lubricated. A technician will address these issues to boost the efficiency of home heating. 

3. Maintain Interior Comfort

When the system is serviced in the fall, you can rest easy knowing your family will remain comfortable when temperatures finally drop. When all glitches have been fixed, there won’t be breakdowns that leave your family cold until help can arrive. When the filter is cleaned, and the settings are checked, heat will be distributed evenly throughout interiors.



To ensure your furnace won’t buckle during Northeast winters, contact the technicians at Duncklee Cooling & Heating, Inc. in Stonington, CT. For over four decades, the technicians have been providing air conditioner and furnace repairs to keep families in Southeastern Connecticut and Washington County, RI, comfortable. To schedule a service appointment, call (860) 535-2552. Visit the heating and cooling professionals online to browse their heating services.