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3 Tips for Phenomenal Honeymoon Pictures October 9, 2019

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3 Tips for Phenomenal Honeymoon Pictures, Covington, Kentucky

Honeymoons are one of the most joyous periods of an exciting new married life. Not only are you and your spouse embarking on an adventure as a couple, but you are enjoying a relaxing getaway free from the burdens of everyday responsibilities. It's no wonder people want to capture the experience in snapshots bound into an album or photo book. To help you enjoy these memories to the fullest, below are some tips for taking impressive honeymoon photos.

Tips for Taking Terrific Honeymoon Photos

1. Showcase the Location With You in It

Photo book in Covington, KYA series of closeups of your happy, smiling faces won't help you relive your trip. Similarly, unless you're Ansel Adams, the critically acclaimed landscape photographer, dozens of snaps of scenery can simply blur together.

Place yourself in photos in a way that showcases your honeymoon destination. Snap yourselves embracing at sunset in front of a mountain vista, or take shots of your spouse haggling with a street vendor in a downtown market. Pose with locals or underneath signs proclaiming where you are. Collect these types of pictures in a photo book, and you will remember the trip forever.

2. Take Photos in the Morning & Evening

Any bright sunlight overhead can wash out facial features and throw shadows downward across your visage. Take photos during the early morning, late afternoon, or evening. The color of the light is redder and softer at these times of day, and the sun casts long, dramatic shadows on the ground instead of your face.

3. Take Some Black & White Shots

Take color shots in front of the flowering cherry tree or the cerulean ocean, but snap a few in black and white. These can be classic, timeless, and elegant, and they make terrific framed portraits for your home. Look for backgrounds with light and dark contrasting points for the most dramatic results.

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