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How to Prepare for Tree Removal Services October 8, 2019

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How to Prepare for Tree Removal Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Tree removal services will keep you and your property safe when one of the trees on your property is diseased, infested with pests, or irreparably damaged. To get ready for this essential task, here are three steps to take.

3 Ways to Prepare for Professional Tree Removal

1. Provide Space for Workers to Park

Talk to your neighbors about reserving parking spaces in front of your home. Explain that you scheduled tree removal during the day when most of the neighborhood will be at work so the spaces will be available when your neighbors get home.

Also, consider parking your vehicles at a friend or family member’s house to provide extra space for the tree service crew and their equipment. The more space you can provide for setup, the better.

2. Create a Clear Path to the Affected Tree

tree servicePut away yard items that pose tripping hazards, like outdoor furniture and toys, lawnmowers, and bird baths, so the contractors can take care of the tree unhindered. Since falling branches can easily smash fragile pieces, place items like potted plants in temporary storage like your garage.

3. Take Care of Pets

Keep all pets indoors so they don’t distract the workers or run away. If loud noises stress them out, take them to a friend’s house or a daycare. Also, pick up any dog excrement in the yard as a professional courtesy to your tree removal crew. 


Schedule tree removal with Sherwood’s Tree Service to keep your property beautiful and safe. The Honolulu, HI-based tree service has provided landscaping solutions to home and business owners as well as government agencies across Oahu since 1974. Call (808) 537-9705 today to make an appointment for a free estimate, or learn more about their 24/7 tree services online.

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