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How Do Car Engines Work? October 8, 2019

Canarsie, Brooklyn
How Do Car Engines Work?, Brooklyn, New York

If you’re not a mechanic, you may not know the details of how car engines work. However, understanding how they work can help you prevent the need for engine repair on your vehicle. The following guide will explore some of the engine components and how they work together to keep your vehicle moving.

What Are the Components of a Car Engine?

Your car’s engine uses gas to power your vehicle to move. For most vehicles, this happens inside the engine, which is why it’s known as an internal combustion engine.

The main components of an engine include the valves, spark plugs, piston, crankshaft, and connecting rods. These parts all work together in what’s called a four-stroke combustion cycle.

How Does the Combustion Cycle Work?

The four strokes involved in the engine combustion cycle are intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. The connecting rod connects the piston to the crankshaft. 

The piston starts at the top and moves down as the intake valve opens, allowing the cylinder to fill with gasoline and air. As the piston returns upward, it compresses the mixture of gasoline and air, causing a controlled explosion. Back at the top, the spark plug ignites the fuel and pushes the piston back down. From there, the exhaust valve opens, allowing the exhaust to exit through the cylinder and out the tailpipe.

What Are Some Possible Car Engine Problems?

Engine repairThe combustion process requires each component to play its part in completing the stroke. Therefore, if any of these parts are out of place, deteriorating, or not functioning properly, you’ll need engine repairs. 

Some common issues with car engines include a weak spark plug or inefficient compression. If there isn’t enough compression, it might mean that the valves aren’t properly sealed or that there’s a hole or crack in the cylinder.


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