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Dos & Don'ts for Driving on Halloween October 7, 2019

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Dos & Don'ts for Driving on Halloween, Dothan, Alabama

Halloween is a dangerous night for drivers and pedestrians. With so many people outside in the dark, auto collisions may occur. Drivers should exercise heightened caution on this holiday and stay alert to their surroundings. By following these helpful do’s and don’ts, you can avoid auto repairs and keep trick-or-treaters safe.


Keep an eye out for children.

As children go trick-or-treating, they may dart into the street or suddenly appear from behind a parked car. Auto collisions often happen when a driver swerves to avoid hitting an obstacle.

Drive slowly.

In bustling neighborhoods, take your foot off the gas, and drive slowly. You’ll have more time to react if a pedestrian celebrating the holiday does something unexpected, such as stopping in the middle of the street to tie a shoelace.

Use your blinkers.

Use your turn signals to alert pedestrians of your anticipated moves. If you signal that you’re making a turn, they’ll wait before crossing the street. If you’re dropping someone off, switch on your hazard lights so the cars behind you will slow down or stop.


Use your phone.

Auto CollisionUsing a cellphone while driving increases the likelihood of an auto collision, but it’s especially problematic on Halloween. Turn your phone off, and store it away safely. If you have to make a call, pull over or use a hands-free calling device.

Forget to fasten your seat belt.

On Halloween, when the chance of having to make a sudden stop increases, double-check that everyone in your vehicle is buckled up.

Don’t drink and drive.

It’s never safe to operate a vehicle after drinking. If you’ve celebrated the holiday by having a few drinks with friends, don’t get behind the wheel. Have a designated driver take you home, or call a taxi or ride-sharing service.


Following these tips will help you avoid an auto collision on Halloween, but if you have an accident, get the repairs you need from the experts at Mike Smith’s Automotive Collision Center in Dothan, AL. As one of the area’s premier auto body shops, their talented team of full-time mechanics uses state-of-the-art technology to get drivers back on the road. Whether you need major work or a minor dent removed, they’ll provide fast and reliable repairs. Schedule an appointment by calling (334) 792-0446, or learn more about this auto body shop by visiting them online.

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