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A Guide to Well Water Tastes October 15, 2019

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A Guide to Well Water Tastes , Summersville, Missouri

You can learn a lot about the quality of your water simply by tasting it. When homes utilize well water, analyzing the taste may also help homeowners determine if well services may be necessary to keep the supply clean and safe. Here are some of the most common taste issues that can affect your well’s water and what they mean.

What Can Different Well Water Tastes Mean?

1. Metallic Taste

If your water tastes like metal, it’s likely due to naturally occurring iron, zinc, and manganese. These materials are not harmful in small doses, and they appear in most wells. However, if the taste bothers you, you can invest in a filtration system.

2. Rotten Egg 

Sulfur or rotten egg taste and smell are often due to hydrogen sulfide gas in the water supply, which is not harmful and you can eliminate it with activated carbon filters. However, it can sometimes the taste can also be caused by bacteria in your plumbing system, so you might also have a plumber inspect your drains and water heater to find the source.

3. Salt 

well servicesWater that tastes salty is usually due to high concentrations of sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Unless your well is located near an ocean and there’s a chance that actual saltwater is seeping into your water supply, this issue is not harmful. However, these materials can lead to corrosion in pipes, so have the well water tested and determine if any further action is needed.

4. Gasoline 

If your drinking water tastes or smells like gasoline or fuel, it could be due to contamination of underground water supplies. This issue is rare but it can happen in wells that are located near underground tank storage for  gasoline or petroleum. Contamination can lead to major health issues, so call a well services company right away.


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