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A Quick Guide to Generators October 23, 2019

West Plains, Howell
A Quick Guide to Generators, West Plains, Missouri

When your property loses power, having a generator on hand is a smart way to ensure your HVAC system and appliances continue to run regardless of the weather conditions. With winter on the horizon, heating contractors often give advice on which type of machinery to invest in. If you’re weighing your options, here’s a helpful guide to streamline the buying process.

Understanding Your Generator Options


Standby generators operate automatically and kick on when the power goes out without any additional setup. They offer a permanent protection solution and are not considered a mobile device. Instead, trained technicians install them. Standbys are often put into place along with automatic transfer switches to provide a seamless power transition for critical components like elevators, fire systems, and lighting in hospitals. Routine system checks ensure your standby generator is ready in the event of an emergency.


A portable generator typically runs on gasoline and can be used anywhere on your property. While easy to relocate, this option cannot be used in an enclosed space and should be covered if it’s raining or snowing. This is a temporary solution when the power goes out or if you need electricity in a remote area. It has enough force to run a television, freezer, and refrigerator.


An inverter generator uses an engine connected to an alternator to provide power. These devices are small and portable but contain a more sophisticated system that makes them quieter and adaptive based on your power needs. Compared to standard portable generators that run on fuel, inverter models are more efficient. You should also shield it if it’s raining; do not set it up indoors.


Are you looking for a company that supplies and maintains standby generators? For top-notch service, 24/7 availability, and a commitment to treating every customer like family, Butler Heating & Air is the company for the job. Conveniently based in West Plains, MO, and certified by GENERAC®, this heating contractor has been providing quality service at fair prices to clients throughout the surrounding communities for over two decades. Call (417) 256-7984 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website for more information on what they offer, including furnace, HVAC, and generator repair.

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