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What Is Family Law? October 9, 2019

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What Is Family Law?, 8, Tennessee

Family law focuses on legal issues that pertain to family members, whether they’re related by blood or through marriage or adoption. To understand what family law entails, consider this brief overview of some common aspects of this legal practice area.


Attorneys who deal with family relations help clients successfully make their way through the complicated process of adoption, whether the adoption is international, open, or closed. In an open adoption, the birth parent is permitted to stay in the child’s life. Contact between an adopted child and a birth parent is disallowed if the adoption is closed.

Separation & Divorce

The majority of family law cases involve the termination of relationships via separation or divorce. According to the American Psychological Association, roughly 40 to 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Divorce lawyers also handle annulments—the process of erasing the validity of a marriage in the eyes of the law. 

Child Custody

family lawWhen a couple with children divorces, a court determines where the children will live. Although different arrangements can be made in accordance with state statutes, joint physical custody is often granted. It allows children to divide their time equally between their parents. Primary physical custody is another custody arrangement whereby one parent is designated as the primary caregiver. The other is given visitation rights. 

Paternity Issues

In some cases, the paternity of a child must be established to force a father to fulfill parental obligations or prove parental rights. Attorneys who practice family law safeguard the interests of their clients through parental DNA testing when the rights or duties of a father are at issue.


If you’re facing a divorce, a child custody dispute, or another family law issue, contact Kevin R. Bryant Attorney at Law in Crossville, TN. With more than 16 years of experience, this seasoned attorney is adept at helping clients establish paternity, navigate the adoption process, settle custody disputes, and more. Visit the website to learn more about this attorney and his team, or call (931) 787-1004 to schedule a consultation.

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