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3 Safety Tips for Designing a Nursery October 8, 2019

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
3 Safety Tips for Designing a Nursery, Ewa, Hawaii

When preparing for your first baby, you need to establish a welcoming nursery. Besides getting creative with furnishings, keep safety needs for windows and other features in mind as you plan the room’s layout to create a comfortable environment for your newborn.

How to Design a Safe Nursery

1. Place the Crib Carefully

The crib should be far from potential threats, so keep it away from the windows, even if they have locks. When your baby starts to stand up and walk, they may climb up and fall or break the structure; either case can result in injury. Also, being away from the windows will avoid too much sunlight shining on your baby. Likewise, you’ll want to keep any heavy objects out of reach of the crib, from floor lamps to picture frames.

2. Use Non-Toxic Paint

windows-mililaniBabies are likely to taste-test every aspect of their new environment, so use non-toxic paint on walls, window trim, and baseboards. Look for water-based, lead-free options with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Ventilate the room at least two to three days before the baby arrives to get rid of any fumes in the air.

3. Be Mindful of Window Treatments

Some window treatments can pose a safety risk. Your baby may pull on long curtains and cause the hangers to crash down on them. They can also catch their hands in shutters. Never underestimate your baby’s interest level and their ability to reach items. Choosing safe window treatments like cordless vinyl blinds is the best way to eliminate hazards.


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