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3 Money-Saving Tips When Building a New Home October 9, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Money-Saving Tips When Building a New Home, Chillicothe, Ohio

Building a new home is a significant moment in anyone’s life. While it is an excellent investment, custom home construction is more expensive upfront than buying a pre-existing one. However, it also affords more freedom to make it how you want. Luckily, there are ways to save money when building a custom home that anyone can do.

How to Save Money on New Home Construction

1. Choose Land Carefully

Location is everything when it comes to new home construction, and by purchasing the right piece of land, you can avoid many unnecessary expenditures. Property that requires tree and rock clearing, lacks access to drinking water and sewage lines, or is in an overly populated area will drive up the costs before construction begins.

2. Build Out Not Up

When the plot of land allows for it, New Homeit’s less expensive to have custom home builders construct a one-story building rather than adding floors. There’s plenty of creativity and design options with a one-story home, and you can avoid extraneous costs that come with needing a crane, the extra roof insulation, and more hours for the construction.

3. Start Standard & Don’t Overbuild

When constructing a new home, many think that they should get the latest and greatest across the board, but this quickly raises the costs of new construction. For appliances, lighting fixtures, and window treatments, choose standard options to start and upgrade later. Similarly, if you are building in an existing neighborhood, avoid going too far with custom home designs. While it might seem nice to have the best house in the area, when selling, you’ll find that the neighborhood dictates the market price.


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