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3 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Vacation October 9, 2019

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3 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Vacation, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Travel is complex and requires of planning to get right. When organizing a vacation, you might feel stressed at times. The better your planning skills are, however, the more likely you are to have a relaxing vacation. Here’s what you should know. 

How to Travel Stress-Free

1. Choose the Right Itinerary 

Sometimes people are stressed on vacation because they aren’t going on the right kind of trip. Work with your group to figure out an ideal destination. Try not to compromise your vision too much, though. If you don’t like the idea they decide on, split into two groups if possible.

Also, keep how much time you have in mind. If you only have a week off of work, you probably don’t want to try to see all of Europe. Don’t forget to determine what style of trip you like, too. Some people enjoy sightseeing and going on adventures, while others like relaxing and laying out in the sun. Make sure everyone knows what kind of vacation it will be from the start, or split into groups, so everyone is happy.

2. Plan Ahead

travelThe best way to have a relaxing vacation is to do some work up front. Traveling without planning seems fun and whimsical, but it’s bound to lead to confusion and stress.

Book your flights and hotels far in advance to avoid running into unexpected fees from airlines or hotels with no vacancy. Then, make a list of activities to do or places to go, including restaurants, museums, beaches, and city tours. From there, create a loose itinerary for each day. Remember that somethings will probably change, which is fine.

3. Pack Well

Nothing’s worse than realizing you forgot something while packing. Open your suitcase one to two weeks before you leave and start filling it with items as soon as you think of them. Keep a list on your phone to write items down while you’re out, too.

Once you have all your belongings in order, roll your clothes and pack travel size toiletries so you can bring as few bags as possible. Find a packing list online and go through it one last time the night before you go to the airport. With proper planning, it’s possible to avoid stress.


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