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A Guide to Introducing Cats & Dogs October 8, 2019

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A Guide to Introducing Cats & Dogs, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Some people are strict dog-lovers, while others prefer cats. If you happen to love these furry creatures equally, you may decide to have both as pets. It’s possible for these animals to live together peacefully, but a careful introduction backed by effective dog training is helpful. Below, find out how to introduce your pets in a way that mitigates squabbles.

Before Introducing the Animals

dog trainingKeep the animals apart for at least three to four days. The new pet should be kept in a separate room where they can get used to their new home. Both animals will be able to hear and smell each other through the closed door, which is the first step in getting them acquainted. Encourage positive associations by feeding them at the same time on their respective sides of the door.

During the First Meeting

Dog training is important before your pup meets the cat. You want to be able to call them off with commands like “sit” and “stay” if necessary. Keep the dog on a leash for the first meeting, just in case. Bring the new pet out of the separate room and have the two animals meet in a common area of the house. Give both animals treats for good behavior. If either one gets aggressive, separate them.  

After the Initial Introduction

Conduct a few short meetings like the one described above on a daily basis. Break out the treats whenever the animals are together to reinforce positive associations. Once they seem to be getting along, you can let the pets loose together. However, you need to proceed with caution. Even if dog training is successful, it's best to keep pets apart when there isn't a human there to supervise them.


If you're having trouble integrating a new pet into the household, talk to the veterinarians at PetPlex Animal Hospital in Buckeye Lake, OH. This full-service animal hospital is open every day of the week and even offers mobile pet services. Their cutting-edge facilities include top-line technology like a pet CT scanner. Visit their website for a full list of services, from advice on dog training to vaccinations. For an appointment, call (740) 929-3300.

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