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What Causes a Foundation Crack? October 10, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
What Causes a Foundation Crack?, Chesterfield, Missouri

No homeowner wants to find a foundation crack. Increasingly common as homes age, cracks in your foundation lead to further problems with your roof, framing, doors, and windows. If you want to prevent cracks, you should understand what causes them, and below are a few of the most common reasons.

5 Common Causes of Foundation Cracks 

1. Improper Soil Compaction

Poorly compacted soil often fails to support a home’s foundation, leading to cracks. Also, a house built on more than one type of soil may settle differentially, which also increases the risk of cracking. 

2. Tree Roots

While large trees add beauty to your yard, they might not be entirely safe for your home. Their roots draw moisture from the soil underneath your foundation, and the resulting downward movement can create cracks. 

3. Plumbing Leaksfoundation crack

Excess moisture is a common cause of cracking. That’s why you should regularly inspect your plumbing system, as broken or leaking pipes will send moisture under and around your foundation.

4. Drainage Problems

If you don’t regularly clean your gutters, your foundation may suffer. When water doesn’t properly drain away from your home, it may pool around your foundation and cause the soil beneath your home to expand and shift, compressing the foundation and cracking it.

5. Unsupported Second Story

Homeowners considering a second story must ensure their foundation can support it. If the house’s original footings can’t handle more than one story, you will start to find cracks. 


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