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Understanding the Rule of Three in Decorating October 9, 2019

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Understanding the Rule of Three in Decorating, ,

When watching home improvement shows or scrolling through interior design magazines, you might notice the rule of three being referenced several times. In decorating, this refers to grouping three objects together. The objects vary in size but are generally connected by a theme. This principle can also extend to the pairing of different colors and textures in a design scheme. Below are a few reasons why professional decorators and enthusiasts abide by the rule of three and how to use it in your space.   

Why Designers Follow the Rule of Three

Making rooms appear both comfortable and refined is one of the primary goals that interior designers strive to achieve. Grouping items in an odd number is believed to look more natural than even pairings; the symmetry created by using two objects instead of three could look too balanced and perfect.

When creating a room’s color palette, three hues are often used, including a primary, secondary, and accent color. Wood, glass, and cotton elements also add rough, sleek, and soft textures to a space.  

How to Incorporate the Rule of Three Into Your Interior Design

Lincoln-Nebraska-home-improvementFrom coffee table decor to wall art, there are numerous ways to incorporate the rule of three into your home improvement efforts. When updating the bedroom, for example, work the rule into the lighting design. There should be three different styles present: an overhead dimmer, lamps on bedside tables, and accent lights pulling focus to mounted artwork or furniture in the room.

When choosing a new color scheme for your home improvement project, 60% of the room should feature the primary color. Consider this pigment for walls and throw pillows. The secondary color should be featured in 30% of the room, so consider upholstering furniture in that shade. The remaining 10% should be the accent hue, which you can use in throw rugs and wall trim.


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