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How Can You Get Better at Using the Computer? October 23, 2019

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How Can You Get Better at Using the Computer?, Brighton, New York

If you didn’t grow up in the digital age, you might wonder how to sharpen up your computer skills. By learning a few helpful tips, you’ll have an easier time using your laptop, tablet, or custom-built computer for work or leisure. Increased computer abilities will allow you to be more digitally resourceful and make you more competitive in the job field. Below, consult the guide to help you become more efficient and productive on the computer.

4 Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills

1. Learn the Basics

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need a basic understanding of how your device works. Since most people need email and the Internet, connect to your wireless Internet network, and then try out these two applications. It’s also important that you know how to download files and update your software. Practice opening and closing windows and become familiar with your home screen icons. 

2. Use Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have the potential to reduce the amount of time you spend working. By simply pressing and holding certain keys simultaneously, you can complete tasks like copying and pasting text, opening the task manager, taking screenshots, and creating a new browser window.

3. Research With Google

custom-built computerGoogle is a reliable search engine that provides you with practically endless information in an instant. Whether you’re looking for a dinner recipe or want to know more about an unfamiliar business concept, type it into the search bar and browse through the results until you find what you need.

4. Take a Free Class

There are several computer tutorials available online and in-person, which are excellent for beginners. Classes will provide you with information on everything from typing and using the mouse to strengthening the security of your custom-built computer. In a class setting, you can ask as many questions as you need and receive clear-cut tutorials on the spot. 


If you’re ready to improve your computing skills, invest in a custom-built computer from Microworx. Since 1994, they have provided laptop repairs, virus removal, data recovery, and PC building to clients throughout Rochester, NY. Call (585) 271-0050 to get started on a custom-built computer that meets the needs of your home or office, and visit them online to learn more about their products and services. 

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