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3 Fall Heating Maintenance Tips October 8, 2019

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
3 Fall Heating Maintenance Tips, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

As the cooler temperatures settle in, don’t be caught off guard with a broken-down or inefficient heating system. There are ways to prepare your home for proper heat distribution and help keep your family cozy during the fall and winter months. Here are a few tips to prepare your HVAC system for the fall. 

How to Prepare Your Home for Cooler Temperatures

1. Clean Air Ducts & Registers

Throughout the spring and summer months, it’s easy for dust and dirt to build up in the registers and air ducts. Clearing these particles will help air flow efficiently throughout your home and allow warm air to reach all of the rooms properly. Properly heated rooms and efficient airflow can help lower energy costs as the colder months approach. Use the hose attachments on your vacuum to sweep out the ducts, and wipe down the registers to remove dirt and dust. 

2. Replace Filters

heating systemA dirty filter can block air, causing your heating system to run longer and harder than it should. It’s a good practice to replace your furnace filter every three months—or more frequently if you have pets or someone in your home experiences allergies. This can also help keep your home dust- and dander-free. If you don’t want to buy new filters every month, invest in a reusable one that can be wiped or rinsed off with water. 

3. Schedule a Tuneup

Like anything in your home, the heating system needs regular checkups and maintenance. If it’s been more than a year since you’ve had your furnace inspected, call an HVAC company to take a look. They can help identify any potential issues that may keep you from getting warm air in your home. Fixing these before the fall season will ensure your furnace is ready to go when the cold settles in. 


Wisconsin winters can be harsh, and a properly working heating system will keep your family warm and dry as the weather turns cold. If you need HVAC maintenance, contact the experts at Steve’s Plumbing & Heating in Wisconsin Rapids. Their team offers 24-hour emergency service, so you can call on them whenever a problem arises. Schedule an appointment today by calling (715) 421-1800. You can also visit their website for more information on their services. 

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