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Do’s & Don'ts of Throwing a Baby Shower for Your Friend October 9, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
Do’s & Don'ts of Throwing a Baby Shower for Your Friend, Manhattan, New York

Baby showers have become more than just a few friends gathering to talk about past pregnancies and baby names. They require planning for food, presents, and games. If you’ve decided to host a friend’s shower, here are some tips to help you through the process.


Invite the guys.

Dad is also excited about the new addition to the family, so don’t leave him out. If it’s essential to have an all-girls time, then have the men show up halfway through the party. Also, don’t forget brothers, grandpas, and possibly children if the environment is kid-friendly.

Plan active entertainment.Baby Shower

The party doesn’t have to be a sit-down event. Rent a venue for the afternoon or evening that will make mocktails, play music, and accommodate food. You can also plan ice-breaking games so guests can get to know each other better. These are the elements that make parties memorable.

Offer light food.

You can serve full meals at the party, but another great option is a buffet with finger foods. Guests can snack on the appetizers throughout the party, and won’t be too busy eating or too full to move to participate in the activities.


Surprise the guest of honor.

You may want to plan a surprise party for your friend, but that could put her on the spot. Talk to the mom-to-be and find out what her preferences are regarding the party. She may be feeling a bit overwhelmed during her pregnancy, and not want activities that put her in the spotlight. This will also ensure you’re only inviting guests she’s comfortable with.

Forget to offer options. 

Games are nearly a requirement for baby showers. To plan yours, consider the guests. If men and children are present, then the style of the activities may have to be altered, for example.

An inclusive option is setting up stations with different activities. One game could involve pictures of celebrities, careers, or names, and have guests guess traits the baby will have. Another could be an advice table where moms and dads write down their words of wisdom for the new parents.

Open gifts in the middle of the party.

Some people love opening gifts during baby showers, but this could make someone who wasn’t able to purchase a gift uncomfortable. To avoid awkward situations, place gifts on a table to act as decorations.

You could have the mom open them near the end of the party when it’s slowed down. This creates a personal time between close friends and family.


If you’re looking for the right venue to host an upcoming baby shower, turn to Suite 116. Located in East Harlem, they offer the perfect space for weddings, baby showers, banquets, and other parties. They offer several packages that let you customize the offerings to your specific needs. Visit them online to learn more about their rates and space, or call (917) 412-9722 to book an event.

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