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What to Do About Foundation Cracks When Selling a House October 8, 2019

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What to Do About Foundation Cracks When Selling a House, Norwood, Ohio

It's no secret that the process of selling a house is complicated and involved. But as a home seller, there are many tasks you can do to make the experience progress more smoothly; one of these tasks is to address any cracks in the foundation of the home. To shed more light on this subject, below are a few common signs of cracks and the benefits of foundation crack repair.


Over time, a home naturally settles foundation crack repairinto the ground. This process can produce slight cracks visible around the foundation of the house, in basement floors and walls, and on the garage floor. More severe cracks, like those caused by water leaks, result in sagging floors, difficult to move doors and windows, and leaks around the fireplace. In general, larger diagonal cracks are signs of a potentially major structural issue; small cracks that stay the same size over time are likely a product of natural foundation settlement.

Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair

The most significant advantage of foundation crack repair is that it reinforces the structure of the home and protects the building's integrity. When selling a home, visible cracks turn off prospective buyers. All home sellers must disclose condition issues with the property, so cracks are not a problem to conceal or disregard. Having them fixed demonstrates your commitment to the sale and to providing the buyer with the safest possible property. Also, your home insurance might pay for all or a portion of the repair if the cracks stem from a cause covered by the policy, such as an extreme weather event.


When you need quality, dependable foundation crack repair, trust Reliable Crack Injection. For over 10 years, they have been serving property owners throughout the Cincinnati, OH, and northern Kentucky region. They offer crack and leak repair and provide a 20-year warranty on all work performed. Call (513) 368-4366 or visit them online to learn more about their services or to schedule a free estimate.

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