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3 Mirror Wall Ideas for Your Home January 6, 2020

Spring Valley, Rockland County
3 Mirror Wall Ideas for Your Home, Spring Valley, New York

If you are planning to spice up your home's interior and the idea of hanging art feels stale, try something that’s more unique and more functional—consider a custom mirror. Not only do they add style and light to your space, but they also make it look larger. Custom mirrors give your home a personalized look, allowing you to make your statement as a homeowner.

3 Exciting Custom Mirror Ideas for Your Home

1. A Wall of Multiple Small Mirrors

Upgrade your aesthetics by creating a wall of small mirrors with frames of the same color. This design lends a cohesive and artistic style without seeming like too much. Choose a bold color like gold for your frames for a luxurious look. 

2. Radically Different Frames and Shapes 

custom mirrorsThink of custom mirrors as paintings that decorate your wall. Feel free to group them, as in a gallery, to effortlessly evoke an eclectic collector's look. Unusual shapes can increase a sense of glam. Make sure you match the theme of the room to the unique new piece.

3. One Large Mirror 

Help small spaces feel more open by installing a large reflective surface to disguise a wall. This brings more light to a room, creating the illusion of space. Using a wall mirror in your bathroom will complement a glass bath enclosure and let the area breathe even more. A big mirror in your living room adds a distinctive focal point and can brighten a dark wall.


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