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4 FAQ About Structural Steel for Residential Applications November 11, 2019

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4 FAQ About Structural Steel for Residential Applications, Dalton, Georgia

Structural steel has long been the go-to support for buildings such as skyscrapers, garages, and bunkers. It’s also increasingly being used for home building. Using steel in residential properties provides a few advantages over standard wood framing. If you’re a contractor working on a house design, you may consider using this material for the structure. Here’s more information you can provide to your clients to help them make a decision.

4 Frequently Asked Questions on Steel Beams

What sets them apart from other building materials?

Structural steel is always engineered to the specifications of a design before it is approved by the manufacturer and sent out for use.

Traditional framing methods generally require several workers for building and framing onsite using wood, which introduces the potential for miscommunication, poor quality control, incorrect measurements, and delays. By using structural steel, your work will be more reliable, high-quality, and prompt.

How durable are they?

Since steel is the industry standard for large commercial and industrial builds, this product will almost guarantee that a home is structurally sound.

Unlike wood, steel is extremely sturdy, providing resistance against fire damage, pest infestations, and rot. Especially for those living in humid areas, steel will help the homeowner avoid property damage due to weather conditions.

Why is steel better for open floor plans?

Structural steelHistorically, most homes were built to be highly segmented, but modern designs often favor open space to allow natural light to move freely. However, it can be difficult to support a home that doesn’t have as many walls throughout. While conventional wood framing limits how open a space can be, framing with structural steel allows you to build a property with fewer beams. This is helpful when creating open layouts.

What types of beams can I choose?

There are two types available for residential structures. The H-beam, also known as the W-beam, resembles its namesake letter when laid on its side. It’s wide and sturdy, bearing weights for up to 330 feet. 

The S-beam is more common for homes. Unlike the previous option, it’s tapered at the top and bottom, offering the same type of strength at a lighter density. This makes it popular for smaller homes, which don’t require as much support as large commercial structures. 


Structural framing with steel will help you provide reliable home building services to your clients. If you’re looking for a supplier of industrial hardware in Dalton, GA, reach out to Caylor Industrial Sales. They have more than 35 years of experience and are the region’s leading supplier of industrial hardware. Whether you need a support beam or valve for your next project, they’ll be happy to assist. Like more about structural steel on their website or call (706) 226-3198 to ask about their inventory.