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4 Common Baseball Swing Mistakes November 8, 2019

Jupiter, Palm Beach
4 Common Baseball Swing Mistakes, Jupiter, Florida

Swinging a bat at a ball may seem easy, but a professional technique can be difficult to master. Many batters learn negative habits over the years when it comes to their swing, or they may learn bad techniques from the get-go. Here are some of the most common mistakes young baseball players make when practicing their swing. 

Poor Batting Habits & How to Fix Them

1. Incorrect Stance  

One of the biggest detriments to a great swing and a solid hit is the stance. Many novice baseball or softball players experience some issue with stance, whether it be the distance between their feet, how far they lean, or the weight distribution. The key is to stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, weight evenly spread between both feet, and with your head at the center of gravity. This allows you to adjust your weight into the swing and keep your eye on the ball. 

2. Not Enough Leg 

It’s easy to see why many young baseball players struggle with using their legs during their swing. Many believe that they only need to swing with their arms. What actually matters is the proper weight transfer and movement between your legs and hips. Players should take a step forward towards the pitcher when swinging to meet the ball head-on. 

3. Poor Hit Timing & Angle

baseballMany young players struggle with ball tracking, swing timing, and angle. For instance, kids may swing too soon or swing from high to low, bouncing the ball into the dirt. A slightly lifted, low-to-high angle, and plenty of practice can help mitigate these mistakes. 

4. Holding the Bat Wrong 

Many young baseball and softball players hold the bat incorrectly, which will ruin a swing even with great technique. This can be caused by elbow angles, particularly if the top hand is straight and stiff and not bent slightly. A child may also hold the bat too high or too low. The bottom hand should be close to the knob, either touching it or with only a finger’s distance. 


Proper batting technique can be difficult to master without training. For education and practice with professional, major-league baseball batters, turn to Swing Away Academy in Riviera Beach, FL. Their professional trainers and staff will help you or your children perfect pitch, swing, and catching techniques. They have the knowledge and equipment to help you take your game to the next level, including pitching machines, batting cages, and sports camps for all ages. To learn more, visit their website or call (561) 568-8777 today. 

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