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3 Signs You Have Basement Water Damage November 5, 2019

Richmond Hill, Bryan
3 Signs You Have Basement Water Damage, Richmond Hill, Georgia

If you have a basement, you know it's often the dampest room in the house. When your gutters are clogged, and walls and floors aren't sealed correctly, water can seep inside. However, when left unchecked, minor water damage can get worse, leading to expensive repairs and putting the health of your family members at risk. To determine whether there's a problem in your home, look for the following signs. 

How to Know if There’s Water Damage in Your Basement

1. Cracked Surfaces

When water collects around the foundation of a home, it can push against the walls and flooring of the basement. This force can cause the materials to crack, so look out for fractures in the brick or concrete. Moisture could seep inside these openings, weakening the structural integrity of your foundation.   

2. Chipped Paint

water damageAlthough you can't see wall cracks through thick paint or wallpaper, other signs can indicate a problem. When moisture collects in these surfaces, it breaks down the bonds in the lacquer. Look for areas with peeling paint, as there may be water damage underneath. Excess moisture can also warp and stain wallpaper.

3. Pungent Aromas

A strong, musty smell in your basement should be cause for concern, especially when regular cleaning won't remove it. The aroma, similar to damp leaves or socks, is most likely caused by mold, mildew, or standing water. Sniff around your basement, and you'll probably find puddles or mold growth where the stench is the strongest.


If there’s water damage in your basement, or any other room in your house, the technicians at Serclean Inc. in Richmond Hill, GA, can help. As members of the Restoration Industry Association, these EPA-certified technicians provide emergency water remediation and mold removal to help clients throughout Bryan County recover from floods and plumbing problems. Call (912) 459-1981 to discuss how they’ll handle your water damage, or visit them online for more details.  

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