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3 Snacks That Can Hurt Your Smile October 8, 2019

3 Snacks That Can Hurt Your Smile, ,

Although teeth help us chew our food, they aren’t built to take on every type of snack. Many foods and drinks contain ingredients that can destroy the enamel, trigger sensitivity, stain teeth, and cause oral injuries. To help you protect your oral health, here are three common everyday snacks that dentists warn against consuming.

Foods That Can Harm Your Dental Health

1. Sugary Snacks

Sugar feeds the oral bacteria in plaque, causing them to produce acids that destroy the protective enamel. Over time, this damage can lead to cavities and severe root canal infections. Most dentists urge patients to avoid high-sugar items, such as candy, donuts, soda, and sweetened fruit juice.

2. Coffee & Tea

dentistCaffeine in these beverages can contribute to dry mouth. Not having enough saliva in your mouth can increase your risk of tooth decay. These drinks also contain high amounts of tannins, a component that’s associated with tooth staining.

3. Citrus Fruit

Fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits are sour due to the high amounts of citric acid that they contain. This acidity wears away at the enamel, increasing the risk of cavities and triggering dental sensitivity. Acidic enamel wear can also leave teeth more vulnerable to staining, which may require a professional teeth whitening treatment from a dentist. If you choose to enjoy citrus fruit, drink water with your snack to wash away acids.


In addition to watching what you eat, maintain your oral health by visiting the team at Oahu Dental Care in Hawaii. Providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages, these professionals will address any problem caused by diet, including cavities, sensitivity, and tooth discoloration. View their services online, or read patient reviews on Yelp. Call (808) 456-5005 to schedule an appointment at their Pearl City office, or dial (808) 732-2821 to speak to a specialist at their Honolulu location.

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