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3 Steps to Prepare for Septic Tank Installation October 15, 2019

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3 Steps to Prepare for Septic Tank Installation, Middlefield, Ohio

The septic system should be able to handle the volume of waste your property generates. If the tank is worn and damaged, sewage could contaminate groundwater, back up into the house, or clog pipes in the drain field. Replacing the tank restores system performance. To avoid issues with installation, follow these steps.

How to Get Ready to Have a Septic Tank Installed

1. Secure the Proper Permits

Once you know the size of the tank and the intended location, secure a work permit. This is often granted by a local or state agency that regulates waste disposal and septic treatment. After you complete an application, the proper channels review the proposal, and a septic system inspector examines the installation area.

2. Log Household Habits

septic systemsIf you are upgrading the current tank, the installers must ensure that the new equipment is sized for your home. To this end, they need to know how many people live in the house and their water-usage habits, such as the length of showers and how often they run the dishwasher. Technicians also must find out which water-operated appliances you commonly use. Write down the information so you can provide it when they ask.

3. Have the Old Tank Removed

Even if you plan to install the new tank in a different area, you must remove the old one. If you leave it to sit in the ground and corrode, the sewage inside could contaminate the soil and nearby lakes and streams. The agency that approves the permit can also fill you in on proper septic system disposal procedures in your area.


After the tank is installed, trust the professionals at Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning to provide ongoing septic system maintenance. Based in Middlefield, OH, and certified by the National Association of Wastewater Technicians, these professionals have been providing septic tank cleaning, pumping, and repairs for commercial and residential properties since 1966. To schedule septic repairs or pump service in Geauga County, call (440) 636-5111. Explore their services on the company’s website, and like them on Facebook.

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