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3 Tips to Help You Process the Passing of a Loved One October 7, 2019

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3 Tips to Help You Process the Passing of a Loved One, Chili, New York

Even though they may have lived a long, full life, losing a senior loved one is never easy. If you’re struggling to process their passing, it may help to confront the grieving process, so you can move through it rather than fight against it. Before and after the funeral service, take advantage of the closure the mourning process provides with the following suggestions.

3 Thoughtful Ways to Move Through Grief

1. Light a Candle

Try to complete the simple, yet symbolic, act of lighting a candle for your loved one once a day. As you watch the flame, imagine it is your loved one’s spirit, and if you feel like it, say a few words to them. Whether you say a formal prayer or just speak from the heart, this is an intimate opportunity to cope with the mourning process.

2. Plant a Tree for Them

funeral serviceA tree will go on to live for many years, spreading its roots far and wide and offering comfortable shade to those who pass by. By planting a tree in your loved one’s honor, you’ll have a structure to visit and tend to, not just a monument or a memory. Whether you sit under the boughs and reflect on their life or bring your children along for a picnic, this option may help you come to terms with your loved one’s passing.

3. Create Artwork

To work through your emotions, consider making a scrapbook or short film out of pictures and videos of your loved one. Try your hand at painting their portrait, or make a quilt out of their shirts. In addition to working through your feelings, you’ll create something to remember them by for years to come.



If you’ve recently lost a senior loved one, turn to Leo M. Bean And Sons Funeral Home of Rochester, NY. They will help you plan a beautiful funeral service, no matter what type of ceremony you have in mind. They have been helping grieving families in the area for over 40 years, and they can offer tips on how to cope with the mourning process. To learn more about their funeral services, visit their website or call (585) 426-7830.

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