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Why Dumpsters Are More Efficient Than Dumpster Bags October 22, 2019

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Why Dumpsters Are More Efficient Than Dumpster Bags, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

If you’re in the middle of a home remodeling project, you probably have a lot of debris that is too big for regular trash collection. A new option for debris collection these days is a dumpster bag, which fans tout as less expensive and more convenient than a conventional dumpster rental. However, dumpster bags come with several limitations; here’s what they are and why you should still use a solid dumpster.

Dumpster Bags & Why They’re Not Optimal

A dumpster bag is a woven bag made of tough fabric that you can purchase at your local home improvement store. After you fill the bag with debris, you then schedule a professional pickup service to remove it. This is much of the cost of a dumpster bag, as pickup services usually run around $140. Service is not available everywhere, so ensure it is available where you need it before buying the bag.

The bags are meant for much smaller jobs than a conventional dumpster, so they can only hold up to 3,300 pounds. This doesn’t go very far when housing material is involved. Even a small project like a bathroom remodel can end up requiring three to five bags, which can add up quickly and cost more than a single dumpster rental. 


The Benefits of Dumpsters 

For large home projects, a dumpster rental is still the most reliable option. Not only do you get more space at a flat rate so there’s no question of the end cost, they end up holding more and taking up less space than multiple dumpster bags.

Since a dumpster’s walls are higher, they are perfect for large pieces of drywall, wood, or large furniture. While bags may be appropriate for cleaning out a closet, a dumpster rental is the smarter option for large home projects that involve weight and bulk.


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