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How Should You Maintain Your Water Well? October 31, 2019

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How Should You Maintain Your Water Well?, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

Wells provide a steady supply of clean water to your home for drinking, cooking, bathing, and other everyday tasks. Following your well drilling appointment, it’s essential to know how to maintain your residential water system. Here are a few tips on how to care for your well and get the most out of its life span.

4 Water Well Maintenance Tips

1. Use Caution During Yardwork

When you cut your grass or plant new landscaping, use caution while working in the vicinity of your water well. Mowing or weeding too close to the well may damage the cap or casing. Keep trees, bushes, and flowers about 5 to 10 feet away from your well to avoid root infiltration or fertilizer contamination. 

2. Test the Water

residential water systemsTake a sample of your well water once or twice a year to make sure it is free from impurities and contaminants. Test kits are available at most hardware stores and use a color-coded system to alert you of any harmful bacteria, hard minerals, radioactive materials, and pesticides in your water supply. A professional can also do this during an inspection.

3. Take Note of Changes

If your water suddenly starts to smell like rotten eggs or develops a brownish color, get in touch with your residential water system company. These may be signs of contamination. Keep an eye on your outdoor well and contact the professionals if you observe any structural damages or shifts in the earth around it. 

4. Schedule Professional Inspections 

Hire a residential water system company to inspect your well annually. They’ll conduct a flow test, check the equipment for damages, and test the water to ensure your well is safe, healthy, and fully functional. 


Keep your water well in good condition with maintenance from Luisier Drilling. This residential water systems provider offers well drilling, sump pump installations, hydrofracking, and water irrigation to clients throughout Oconto Falls, WI. Call (920) 848-5239 to request a quote on a well installation, and visit them online to learn more about well system design and planning services. 

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