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Why Holiday Home Improvements Should Be Started This Season November 18, 2019

Culver-Winton-Main, Rochester
Why Holiday Home Improvements Should Be Started This Season , Rochester, New York

Now that the kids have been back to school for a few months, you can place focus on that list of necessary home improvements you wrote down last spring. Autumn is the perfect time for home improvement projects, as the mild weather allows for optimal building and servicing conditions. You’ll want to book home remodeling services with your contractor and get projects finished before the cold weather and snow arrives. Below, find the benefits of completing home renovations in the fall. 

Prepare Your House for Winter

Having exterior projects such as gutter cleaning, window sidings, and outdoor furnace repair done in the fall is an economical choice. Completing these tasks before the bad weather hits will save being without heat or proper drainage in the winter. It is also easier for contractors to complete these outdoor tasks in mild temperatures. You will not want to hire professionals to do your roofing in the winter when surfaces are icy, or in the spring when conditions will often be wet and unsafe for workers. 

If you’ve been contemplating doing any HVAC upgrades or new roofing projects, it can also be advantageous to get these projects done before the end of the year for your taxes. If any walls need to be knocked down or rebuilt, you’ll also want to get that done before winter hits to ensure heat is not lost in your home. There are many energy initiatives that offer tax breaks to homeowners, and your tax refund next year could look drastically different if you schedule these home improvements now. 

Get Your Home Ready for Guests 

home improvementIf you have family or friends coming to visit over the holiday season, now is a smart time to get a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project done. Your local remodeling contractors are likely booking up quickly for indoor projects, so it’s important to schedule them now.

These home improvement projects can also allow for an easier holiday. If you need more room in the house to fit all of your relatives, think about adding a sunroom which can function as a guest bedroom or a larger dining room. 

You can also revamp your kitchen with new appliances and designs that will allow you to cook for more people. If you’re thinking about a major home improvement project, like a kitchen renovation, you will want to allow plenty of time before you need your new kitchen completed for holiday entertaining. 


Mallo Home Improvements in Rochester, NY, has been serving the area with efficient and reliable service since 1957. Their highly-skilled remodeling contractors can help you create the home of your dreams, from luxurious kitchen designs and room additions to kitchen cabinets. To talk with a member of their knowledgeable design staff, call (585) 654-9530 or visit them online today to find out more information. 

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