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5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Potential Roommate October 9, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Potential Roommate, Cookeville, Tennessee

The right roommate helps you maintain your apartment, shares the rent, and may even become a good friend. However, the wrong roommate can be a waking nightmare. Rather than dealing with loud music and poor housekeeping, determine if you and your future roommate are a good match in an interview. Use these questions as a guide to help you make the best decision for your living needs.

What Should You Ask a Potential Roommate?

1. How Long Do You Plan to Stay?

Determine how long this person plans to live with you and compare that to your own plan. For example, you may want to move out in a year and need someone with a similar schedule. On the other hand, if you're looking to stay in the apartment for the foreseeable future, you probably don't want someone who will leave in three to six months.

2. Have You Lived With Anyone Before?

Learning whether the individual has lived with others before, and what those experiences were like, will help you better understand their abilities. This question will give you insight into their sense of shared responsibility, their cleaning habits, and the amount of time they spend at home.

3. Do You Have Any Pets?

apartmentsAsk if the person has pets and if so, what kind. You may welcome a cat or dog but not exotic pets such as snakes and birds. Or, you may not be able to have any animals because of apartment rules or allergies. Also, if you have a pet, be upfront with that information, since it may influence their decision.

4. How Often Do You Like to Clean?

Get as much information about the person's cleanliness preferences as possible, especially if they have a cat or dog that sheds more than other breeds. Learn whether they do dishes nightly, make their bed, vacuum weekly, dust and sanitize regularly, and keep personal items in their bedroom.

5. What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?

Discussing hobbies will help you learn more about their personality and determine whether you mesh with them. A potential roommate who cites drinking and partying as their "hobbies" may not be ideal if you like to spend time at home. On the other hand, they may like to read and watch movies in their apartment, which could be good or bad depending on how well you get along and how often you're home. 


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