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3 Tips to Avoid Auto Glass Repairs This Fall October 9, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Tips to Avoid Auto Glass Repairs This Fall, Rochester, New York

Dealing with a cracked or broken windshield can put a damper on your fall plans. You’ll need to stick to a regular maintenance plan to avoid the need for an automotive glass replacement this season. Being mindful of how you drive and handling issues early will ensure your windshield stays intact and protects you while driving.

How to Prevent Auto Glass Damage 

1. Wash Your Windshield Regularly

A dirty windshield is more susceptible to cracking, so wash yours regularly. Clear off debris, including falling leaves, acorns, and seasonal foliage, which can weaken your windshield—reducing the life span—and impair visibility. Use a microfiber cloth to reduce scratching and streaking. An ammonia-free glass cleaner will preserve the tinting and can be used on the inside and outside. If there are tough grime deposits, use a clay bar to safely work them off.

2. Replace Your Wipers

automotive glass replacementOld wipers gather dirt, debris, and other particles while resting and wiping. Rather than clearing them away, they’ll drag them across the glass, leading to scratches. Replace your wipers to avoid an automotive glass replacement. Speak to a dealer to ensure you select the right option for your needs. Beam blades use a spring system for even cleaning, though they’re more expensive. If you want a safe, cost-effective option, choose conventional blades with a metal spine and rubber strip.

3. Address Cracks & Chips

If you picked up any cracks or chips from summer driving, handle them now. Cold weather promotes cracking, making your windshield more prone to damage. When the temperatures drop, your windshield will contract and bow inward. This can cause existing cracks and chips to spread. If these impair the driver’s field of vision, your car won’t be considered legally safe to drive.


If you need automotive glass replacement or repair services, turn to Genesee Glass & Mirror. These professionals are proud to serve Monroe County, NY, residents, and they handle services, including glass and window repairs. They work on auto, commercial, and residential jobs and have 40 years of experience. Call (585) 621-3580 to speak with their staff, connect on Facebook for more tips, and explore their services on their website.

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