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If You're Lazy, Don't Retire! December 4, 2019

Upper West Side, Manhattan
If You're Lazy, Don't Retire!, Manhattan, New York

After many decades of dedication to your career, retirement liberates you from the obligations and stress of the working world. However, many retirees find themselves uncertain of how to handle their newly-found “freedom” and feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied. Consult the tips of a retirement coach below to help guide you into a meaningful retirement. Just sitting around and assuming things will fall into place is not a good strategy! 

What Challenges Will You Face in Retirement?

When you’re used to working and then stop, your daily routine shifts dramatically. This can lead to mental, social, and emotional changes. When you don't have to read a report, catch a plane or lead one more meeting, it’s tempting to watch the news, read the paper, check emails and, voila, a more sedentary lifestyle kicks in and feels comfy and normal.

But, our brain needs exercise each day. Without the daily challenge of work, you may feel less sharp than usual. Many “seniors” feel that the lack of activity makes them foggy. However, there are several ways to combat this, and you’ll still have time to putter around the house!

How Can You Make the Most of Your Retirement?

imageHere are three simple rules:

1. Engage in regular physical activity. Exercise protects your body and your mind, as studies show that physical activity is associated with better cognition.

2. Focus on your mind. Don’t spend hours in front of the television, computer or complaining about the weather. Instead, challenge your brain by learning a new language, taking classes at a local university, mentoring young people, doing crossword puzzles, joining a book club ... you get the idea!

3. Socialize. Engaging with others is another key factor to a happy retirement. Sitting alone at home gets lonely. What’s more, research shows that seniors often feel isolated and depressed as a result. Get out to see family and friends, or try volunteering your time at a local school, store, or whatever place you feel drawn to helping. Volunteering allows you to meet people, gain purpose and put your career skills to use.

With these tips, you can make the most of “Phase 2.” And remember that the years post retirement can last a long time so it’s wise to be proactive and not lazy.

If you’re still struggling or you’re facing retirement and feel nervous or resigned about what’s next, consult a retirement coach. They can help you think through the issues, develop a plan, help you stay motivated, and get those “golden years” off to a good start.


If you are having trouble dealing with an upcoming retirement or finding fulfillment in retirement, let Margaret M. Enloe, Esq. of New York, NY, help. This retirement coach has been assisting people for over 30 years. As a certified life coach and inspirational speaker, she gives each client tailored attention and guidance. View testimonials from her satisfied customers online. For an appointment, email me@margaretenloe.com

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