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3 Natural Tips to Avoid Dry Winter Air in Your Home October 4, 2019

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3 Natural Tips to Avoid Dry Winter Air in Your Home, Richmond Hill, Georgia

During the coldest days of fall and winter, you’ll be eager to return to the inside of your warm, cozy house. However, this time of year is known to be dry, and your indoor air quality will often reflect that. When humidity is too low, you may experience everything from sinus pain to excessive static electricity. Luckily, there are a few simple, natural ways you can have a more comfortable winter.

3 Natural Ways to Fight Dry Indoor Air This Winter

1. Start a Houseplant Collection

When you water your houseplants, they’ll process the nutrient before releasing it as water vapor, naturally restoring humidity in your indoor air. You can speed up this process by putting water in a spray bottle and spritzing your plants a couple of times a day. Whether you’ve always imagined ferns in the living room or herbs on the kitchen windowsill, now’s the perfect time to cultivate your indoor green thumb.

2. Use Your Laundry

indoor air qualityIf you have a dryer, you’ve probably never hung your garments up with clothespins to dry outdoors. However, you could improve your indoor air quality by trying this old-fashioned technique inside. The water in the clothes will naturally evaporate into the warm air of your house, so you can save on electricity and breathe easier.

3. Leave the Bathroom Door Open

When you take a nice warm shower during the winter, you’re used to stepping out and seeing your reflection hidden in a foggy mirror. Instead of keeping all that condensation inside the bathroom, why not let it disperse throughout the house? If you live alone or with people you’re especially close to, simply keep the door open while you shower to humidify your house at the same time.


If you’d like more information on how to improve the balance of humidity and overall indoor air quality in your living space, turn to Richmond Hill Air Conditioning. They’ve been helping Bryan County, GA, residents live and work more comfortably for over three decades. Whether you need a few repairs or an entire HVAC upgrade, call them at (912) 756-2288 to schedule an appointment. Visit the website to learn more about their extensive services.  

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