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Your Guide to Costume Contact Lenses for Halloween October 1, 2019

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Your Guide to Costume Contact Lenses for Halloween, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Colored contact lenses take any Halloween costume to the next level. Costume contacts, which change the color and look of your eyes, create exciting and dramatic special effects. However, they aren’t toys and should only be worn responsibly. Here’s what you should know about wearing colored contacts so you stay safe while having fun this Halloween.

Contact Lenses for Halloween

Why Get Prescription Contacts From a Doctor?

The law, which defines contact lenses as medical devices, are regulated by the U.S. government to protect consumers. Illegally obtained nonprescription lenses may cause permanent damage to your eyes. They may cut or scratch them, causing pain and infection or blindness. The damage, if severe, may require surgery.

contact lensesAn eye doctor will take time to ensure proper fit and strength. They’ll also help you understand how to care for your lenses, how to avoid infection, and how long you may safely wear them.

Best Practices for Costume Contacts

Proper care is necessary to avoid  irritation and infection. Clean lenses with disinfecting solution every time you take them out. If you plan to wear them more than once, clean them and store them in new solution every seven days. Never store contact lenses in water. When replacing solution, always replace it in full rather than topping off what’s already in the case. You should also get a new case every three months, and never share your lenses with your friends.


Purchase your prescription colored contact lenses from Eyewear Express in Rhinelander, WI, this Halloween. Dr. Jeff Williquette and his team will ensure a perfect fit. They’ll also make sure you understand how to care for your lenses so your eyes stay healthy for Halloween and beyond. Make an appointment today by calling (715) 365-1515, or visit their website to learn more about their experienced staff.

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