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5 Tips for Giving an Insulin Shot to a Child With Diabetes October 25, 2019

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5 Tips for Giving an Insulin Shot to a Child With Diabetes , Suffern, New York

As a pediatric nurse, you may need to administer insulin shots to a child with diabetes. When doing so, it’s important to perform the injection correctly to ensure the child stays calm. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

How to Administer an Insulin Shot to a Diabetic Child 

1. Help the Child Relax 

Show the child how the procedure works by injecting an orange with a syringe filled with air or water. Keep the child’s mind off the injection by talking about topics that they enjoy. Also, give them encouragement and compliments about their bravery. 

2. Get the Injection Ready 

For a single dose of insulin, roll the bottle between your hands at least twenty times. After that, take the cap off the needle of the syringe, and then pull the plunger back to the marker indicating the volume of insulin you are injecting. Stick the needle into the rubber lid of the insulin bottle, and use the plunger to push the air into it.

pediatric nurseTurn the bottle upside-down and pull the plunger back again until the insulin fills the syringe to the marker that indicates the amount necessary for the injection. Finally, gently tap the syringe so that the air bubbles float to the needle. 

3. Choose the Injection Site 

The belly, upper arm, and thigh are common sites for injections, and it’s best if you rotate between them throughout the day. Avoid injecting any part of the body that will be physically active shortly after the procedure so that the child’s blood sugar doesn’t plummet. Keep at least an inch of distance between the injection sites. 

4. Provide the Injection 

After wiping the injection site with alcohol, pinch about an inch of the skin, and slowly insert the needle. When it’s completely under the skin, count to five before removing it. If the site starts to bleed, carefully wipe it with a cotton ball or tissue, and conceal it with a Band-Aid®.  

5. Get Cleaned Up 

Place the needle in a container made for sharp objects. Never throw any part of the syringe or bottle into a trash can. A garbage service, pharmacy, or a fellow pediatric nurse can advise you when discarding the container. 


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